Ambia Plate Holder


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Ambia Plate Holder is made out of a metal frame for perfect organization in a cupboard or drawer. Designed for plates 7.3125" (18.6cm) to 12.6875" (32.2cm).

Dimensions W 14 in (35.6 cm) x H 6 11/16 in (17 cm) x D 14 in (35.6 cm)

Color Orion Grey

Product Line Ambia

What is included?

One Ambia Plate Holder

What size plates should I have?

Ambia Plate Holder was designed for plates 7.3125" (18.6cm) to 12.6875" (32.2cm).

Is the size adjustable?

Yes. The maximum sizes are: W. 35.6 cm (14”) x H. 17cm (6 11/16”) x D. 35.6 cm (14”).

How do I use this item?

Make sure the drawer or internal pullout is empty of any items before inserting the Ambia Plate Holder. Adjust Ambia Plate Holder to desired size and place inside drawer or internal pullout.

How do I know if this will fit in my drawer or internal pull out?

The dimensions listed under overview give the exact dimensions of the product. Measure inside your drawer to make sure this item will fit. See Diagram Here.