Passepartout Support Spacer


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Passepartout supporting spacer is used for drawers to place Passepartout containers. Thanks to this spacer, the containers are set on the upper part of the drawer, therefore leaving more room for extra storage below. This item is not needed for interior pull outs.

Dimensions Extra Large W 44
Actual W 44 in (111.8 cm)
Large W 33 2
Actual W 32 3/16 in (81.8 cm)
Medium W 20
Actual W 20 3/8 in (51.8 cm)
Small W 15
Actual W 14 1/2 in (36.8 cm)

Color Natural Aluminum

Product Line Passepartout

Material Metal

What is included?

One Passepartout Support Spacer is included. All other accessories sold separately.

What is this item used for?

Your Passepartout items will hang from the Passepartout Support Spacer to create a multi-level storage system. This item is for drawers only, see difference between drawers and internal pull outs.

How do I use this item?

Make sure the drawer is empty of any items before inserting the Passepartout Support Spacer. This item will fit perfectly across your drawer.

How do I know if this will fit in my drawer or internal pull out?

The dimensions listed under overview give the exact dimensions of the product. Measure inside your drawer to make sure this item will fit. See Diagram Here.